Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Home" and the new audio-visual! Want to sing sing with ABPlayer

In my world there is no day and night, the network Hupenghuanyou and enjoy the wanton youth. Quiet time, a person to see the video, learning does not all charge is absurd degree days; want leisure time, K is the favorite song, and my own family can sing karaoke ok you want to find a video, before only with VCD, but it has too much behind the times. As a real worm, say can not find a good tool, is it degrading reputation ah, huh, huh. In fact, dare so insolent, precisely because I have been using a ABPlayer HD player, watch high definition movies, download HD MTV, learning networks of knowledge, all step buttoned. Really want to see, hear hears, would like to sing sing, want to play on the play. Light winds not, the main characters have asked us - ABPlayer HD Player to show your talent!
Software facts:

Software Version: 2.6.0

License: Free

Supported platforms: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista

File size: 18 MB

銆怐ownload銆?ABPlayer (high-definition video player) the official version 2.6.0

1, ABPlayer powerful HD features

Open ABPlayer player, you can see a fresh black interface, reveals a noble atmosphere. Players below the main screen there are some humane play function keys. ABPlayer player not only looks cool, but Xiuwaihuizhong. Just look at the left interface, powerful features that you can understand ABPlayer both have talent. There are "MTV Channel", you can download and watch high-definition MTV, and the power switch with ABPlayer tracks, subtitles configuration, angle of rotation, surround sound capabilities, music enthusiasts can achieve the dream of home free K song.

Figure 1 ABPlayer HD player interface

If you liked to watch high definition movies, "HD video" This channel will certainly make you "cool" does not stop talking. Do not have to watch it on the Internet so small as dried tofu video, and it ABPlayer with the download function, can have your favorite into a large. Double-click the left mouse button you can achieve full-screen viewing. The mouse into the play area to the top of the screen you can see a hidden toolbar, through which you can adjust the screen size. Having said this there are some friends like to lie to see, ABPlayer in video rotation, a better vision to meet your needs.

Figure 2 ABPlayer the MTV channel

Figure 3 Screen Toolbar

Home at home you may want to use idle while your computer software knowledge to "charge a call." "Computer Training" in this column contains the computer entry, office financial, graphic layout, website design, video non-linear, programming languages, 3D animation, decorative graphics, Maya area, network engineering, exam, the software industry more than ten zones, step by step from beginner to advanced master it.

Figure 4 ABPlayer in the computer training ABPlayer is not only a high-definition video player, allows for self-entertainment K song, at "Hot Music" in the rich musical resources also includes the popular music album, movie soundtrack, pure music, European music, classical music, classical music, and all songs are used in the APE and FLAC lossless compression format, high-fidelity music, let us in this musical journey into the open.

Figure 5 ABPlayer the "fever music"

As a "home" and not the house can Bianzhi world affairs, and why? Oh, because he passed ABPlayer player "Travel Video" has been enjoying the beautiful sceneries, "attractions", "overseas beauty" and "beautiful scenery" has long been sailing around the world, cultural attractions, charming scenery, is not adequate the households across the border, spoiled for choice.

Figure 6 ABPlayer the tourism video

Second, local media search, ABPlayer more thoughtful

If you just want to play local video programming, or find your hard drive to save the massive music, with ABPlayer will happen? Click ABPlayer left, "local media" and see what was found?

Figure 7 ABPlayer local search function

ABPlayer the top points all, music, movies, right there close search, filter set two function keys. Click to search after, ABPlayer for local media files on the overall auto-search, one will not let go, while you carry out a comprehensive and classified, is not very considerate? If your files to make your search too slow, you can filter set, in which you can see many types of media is checked by default file format, you do not cancel, select some of your favorite format Click OK on the line the.

Figure 8 ABPlayer filter settings

It's that simple, you are completely unexpected, ABPlayer addition to playing high-definition video, in many details are done in every possible way. Today, we are comparing similar products, always think too much duplication, lack of creativity. ABPlayer give you not only creative but also more rewarding and pleasant surprise! Third, to play with good ABPlayer handy

ABPlayer HD player in addition to distinctive channel, let's refreshing. If you have some simple setting skills, be sure to make your play even more exciting.

Figure 9 ABPlayer the window, play function keys

"Menu" button in addition to click on the above there is another way outside, the mouse placed in the broadcast domain, click the right mouse button. You can play through it to achieve the detailed file settings, such as loading film subtitles, set the audio and video file playback control. Through the above description and the following menu buttons, familiar with these features I think you will be able to ABPlayer player control in their hands instead.

Figure 10 ABPlayer the right menu

In the pop-up menu, select "Configuration", where you can store a screenshot of the video position documentation to support the type subtitle font settings, etc., as well as the current state of play of the window set.

Figure 11 ABPlayer the advanced options

ABPlayer also provides an abundance of shortcut keys, whether control and display size, fast forward, rewind, or volume, can be a simple one-step shortcuts, even a novice user can easily operate.

Figure 12 ABPlayer Shortcut Keys

I most enjoy is when playing video, use the left and right arrow keys to fast-forward or back, you will not feel a little bit of delay, even a row, the same is very agile and will not have any card feeling.

Trial Summary: an array of players now say quite a lot, easily a few dozen models can be found, but as a mainstream player, ABPlayer functional characteristics, play effect, are outstanding. Only a dozen megabytes of file size, can do so many features the system in use is also very little resource usage, and in the mainstream players, ABPlayer the performance of the indicators is also very good.


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ICS on the line, the Australian public port to plug losses

Recently, the focus of the global information industry one of the Customs, the Australian Customs latest "integration of cargo clearance system" (Integrated Cargo System, ICS) has just started running a lot of problems that occurred. According to Australian media reports, the new system resulted in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and other port cargo backlog of serious - including toys, clothing, medicines and even the much-needed plasma of patients included a variety of goods can not be accumulated in the port customs clearance time, which makes Australia daily loss of more than 2 million Australian dollars, the total losses estimated at more than 250 million Australian dollars (new information system itself cost 200 million Australian dollars).


It is understood that the original Australian Customs clearance system has been put into use up to 20 years. To improve security, this year October 12, ICS replace the original four systems --- "EXIT system", "air cargo automation system", "sea cargo automation system" and "COMPILE system." According to the plan, launched after the new system, shippers and brokers can be accessed worldwide Australian Customs related websites for import and export cargoes customs clearance procedures, but it also the same window Fangwen number of government departments web site (single sign); for Customs and other relevant departments, the integration of new systems to improve tracking of goods and dangerous goods, the ability to identify potentially dangerous goods for the recognition system designed to give a higher priority. ICS is the Australian Customs "cargo management system, process reengineering" (CMR) part. Known as Australia's largest e-government project to date CMR system, it has been building for 10 years. The ICS was founded in 2003, is the last and largest CMR in a module. ICS initial budget of 25 million Australian dollars, but the system has been spent for the construction of 200 million Australian dollars.

Australian Customs CMR with the Australian Quarantine Bureau, Bureau of Statistics and other 12 government departments linked to the exchange of information. Whole system is based on IBM's z series mainframes, from IOCORE companies and design applications, NCR, IBM offers professional services, Cybertrust offers PKI software, Novell provides identity management and directory management software, VeriSign company GateKeeper modules, EDS, is the Customs outsourcing partner.

ICS is very complex, with 23,000 function points, use ZOS operating system running on, CICS environment on OS390 mainframe database using DB2 system. Integrated Cargo Clearance System has up to 19,000 of the design documents, user interface 800 interfaces, 16 000 business rules, 70 types of complex business messages, 850 database tables, 3700 executable module, 1800 CICS transaction type, 55 a batch task, the 90 statements and 35 system interface (according to data released by the end of 2004).

CMR and the user interface system called Customs Connect Facility, the prototype system for the IBM e-business application J2EE, WS-Security (SAML), XML, UN / EDIFACT D99B and the recommended structure of LDAP technology. In 2001, Australia CMR system through legislation to determine the safety and security agencies using PKI system.

Information disclosure, the process delay

Although more than two years elaborate design, but after running ICS or to expose a series of information security issues --- the owner and the broker can see some of the information submitted by other companies, some of which information should be public. In the media coverage of this incident, the Australian Customs claims quickly fix this vulnerability. But Australia's "Computer World" magazine got the news they showed ICS include the price of goods, including disclosure of sensitive information are still in the state. Among the data the user entered into the system, in certain circumstances even be mistakenly sent to other companies, resulting in information disclosure. Interestingly, according to the relevant provisions of Australia, the system has been put into use before the adoption of information security assessment of the relevant institutions.

In addition to information disclosure issue is more serious is the user's online customs procedures to be seriously delayed, and some online brokers in the basic customs formalities had to spend 5 hours long. General cargo, general manager of Australia complained that the new system to run the company since their ability to lower cargo handling by 19.6%, he thought the Web-based ICS for large freight company is not suitable, because its speed can not meet the large companies needs.

Australia and many agents complained that the owner: The new systems use cumbersome procedures, operational speed and the speed of electronic data interchange are unusually slow. Air Cargo Centre, Melbourne, Australia, full of goods, part of the goods along the roads and more forced. Led to the Australian Customs and the Australian Federation of International Freight Forwarding agent (Australian Federation of International Forwarders), Australia Freight Forwarders Association held an emergency meeting at the end of October to discuss countermeasures.


Consulting business: a new system for the performance of the Australian Customs, Gartner, a research pointed out that for many large information systems, the greatest challenge is not technical issues, but put to use the occasion to allow users to fully prepared and accepted the system.

Involving different users are all kinds of large-scale information systems, the Australian Customs for this system of project management in a problem is inadequate attention to user training, only a few days time for brokers familiar with the system, resulting in inefficient use of the future really. Also causes a significant delay: a new system to improve the accuracy of that for the data requirements of the data is not all meet the requirements of the request will be refused treatment, 杩欎竴 changes now that the Henduo users within a short time is difficult to Shi Ying - Haiguanyuanyou the Compile System requirements for data accuracy is not so strict.

Brokers Association: 3.3 million Australian Customs declarations per year, 95% of broker applications. The ICS is running, the broker associations have long suspected the maturity of the new system. However, in September 2005, Customs head Lionel Woodward in reply to Australia Freight Forwarders Association challenged the system said: "The system has undergone functional testing, stress testing, on October 12 on the line no problem." Freight Forwarders Association of Australia head Steve Morris believes that the incident was the association since its inception in 1904, 100 years of the most serious crisis.

Ports and shipping companies: New South Wales port officials announced: two of Australia's most important port cargo capacity has been reduced to the standard capacity of 30%, of which Port Botany backlog of goods estimated to Christmas can not resolve. It is understood that the port in the normal state of daily value of goods by more than 100 million Australian dollars. The importer of the goods stored in the port backlog cost 150 Australian dollars per container per day. Australian Customs will compensate the owner for the charges, but the indirect loss of business opportunities for delay and loss for the owner is no compensation scheme.

Port that the ICS's on-line time is out of date. Australia general manager of shipping company once so that the reason for Christmas every year by the end of September, October, November is the busiest Australian Customs during this time to introduce the new system is not appropriate.

Australian Customs: Australian Customs head Lionel Woodward said: "We expect the new system will be problems, but did not anticipate the extent (so serious). We did not expect that the number of user input error message to plug the system." Customs More than 200 people have been dispatched to ensure 24-hour system used for the user to answer the question. Integrated cargo clearance system clogging, the Australian Customs information department was busy repairing the system, and has postponed the construction of several other information systems, including the personnel system (originally scheduled for August 2005 tender), the electronic file system ( scheduled for bidding in September 2005) and network storage systems. Early November, the Australian Government announced the outgoing head of the Customs incumbent, led by the Australian tax authorities have been successful information technology executives take over the tax department.


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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Super woman thoroughly exposed the tail

2006 Super Girl final results were announced, and I wrote a small article text to the End of the World community to vote "off days, teahouses," to initiate discussions and reach a Super Girl phenomenon. The original title of the article as "Super Girl Shang Wenjie title: commercial capital under the 'egg'", was considered a bit garish, fear shot editorial review, it turned into a "Super Girl Shang Wenjie win: We should be convinced." As expected, the article published soon out.

October 8, that is, the text in the "off days, teahouses," was published on the 8th day, when I go to view the message as usual, he found it was deleted! This really surprised me, was funny at the same time .

In all fairness, the Democratic political culture has not committed any wrong, nor how many absurd arguments, purely commercial point of standing, the nature of the public TV shows. And you begin at the beginning, I repeatedly remind myself not extreme, although the structure of the article is not very strict, language is also very rough (due to a serious, slightly joking), but overall, contrary to the public argument heart, without malice and prejudice. Did not think that it was published just days after the parties have been relentless on the "murder."

I The feeling that, with years of professional work in the media, sensitive to speculate that the reason why I have a small text to be "off days, teahouses," published a few days later to be deleted, not because of what it said violated party discipline, but because I am outspoken draft points to the nature of the Super Girls, pierce some people use the secret super-rich woman. As the number of people guilty conscience, fear of telling the truth about the secret to the "off days, teahouses," the editorial pressure, which leads to the article to be deleted. I guess if not false, then, that thinks a wise approach is more undisguised, self-defeating, so completely to reveal his tail out.

Chinese have a saying: "anti-people's mouth, even in the anti-chuan." Capital bigwigs mercenary in an attempt to block the people's remarks may do that? Do not say that today's society is the freedom of speech, even in the darkness of the Cultural Revolution era, who can be hiding all over the world people, not to speak the whole world? so-called "fair mind," "Castle Peak not cover the river from flowing eastward." "Super Girl" claim to "want to sing sing", insist on fair play, but to me such a small text are not spared criticism, is really a guilty conscience, honesty ridiculous too.

To be honest, I had to write that article, is not to oppose the super-woman, woman against the ultra-commercial, but to talk through the analysis of the phenomenon of nature, so that everyone on the Super Girl phenomenon remain rational attitude. My attitude has not changed, "Super Girls" as a popular entertainment programs, can not blame it does not take any commercial purpose, we should even encourage it to pursue normal business profits, to make it on better and better, to promote economic, social development. However, as with cigarettes brings the enjoyment and excitement, but also endanger human health, we packed in the hold over women, it can not deceive the public for money, will show the truth hidden to the bottom. We should let people know the nature of its business, including the negative impact. Like manufacturing cigarettes as the cigarette companies to print the "smoking is harmful to health" the word, to remind all consumers.

On second thought, entertainment block criticism of speech, you need it? What necessary? As has been said "anti-people's mouth, even in the anti-chuan." And the effect on the spread in terms of normal criticism is true that a bad thing. Because there is criticism implied of concern, means will be able to attract more eyeballs. I thing I read a small article may be out of some people's appetite, but it represents a kind of voices and opinions, are we not in the super-women who do free publicity? Difficult to understand that some people so narrow minded, for now bound to lose sense of social responsibility so bad, really deceiving, blindness, stupid.

Drafting this point, do not want to talk about superfluous. Only want to say is that the "Super Girls" has gone out of existence next year, while women have ups and downs over the leading promoter of capital are aimed at making money in the eyes, but also take on correct guidance of public entertainment with social responsibility. Do not make money for themselves, find ways to lure young girls boys were rushed to a road drive.

PS: the original in the End of the World Community "off days, teahouses," published an article -

Super Girl Shang Wenjie title: commercial capital under the "egg"

Last night together with the small nephew to see the finals of Super Girl 2006, see the "Little CoCo" Yi Mengmeng be "small handsome guy" Jade Liu PK away, super women and three strong candidates for the official birth of a heart involuntary been raised up. I guess because it's exactly the same earlier. Own ideas into reality, life years, several such as the promise? How can not happy, excited then?

However, I am not very good heart, your doctor can not be excited about everything, otherwise there is danger of his life. To Quan-Lu Gou his life in the Golden Age, see more colorful world a few years, I forced myself to give up watching it live, instead told little nephew: a good boy you See, finished the results tell me.

While not watching it live, but is constantly calculating mind, Tan Weiwei, Shang Wenjie, Jade Liu these three lovely girls, Who should win it? Tan Weiwei, it should be Tan Weiwei. Where to plug in a, I used the word cute to describe the three girls, may be a bit substandard. Due to the man's eyes, Jade Liu, the little handsome guy, said she is still pretty decent down. As for Tam, yet two, Tan Weiwei - Apply Song Dandan's words, "It is very beautiful, very sexy." How she can use "cute" to describe it? With "demon Rao," the word is also similar. Shang Wenjie, gives the impression that persistent silence, it is a little taste of self-improvement, with "very calm" word more appropriate ah.

Tan Weiwei singing quite well, and can sing almost any song. Singing of "clinical experience" is also very rich, very agreeable audience (especially the male audience) is like. Ayutthaya is also deep, the total rivals in the unemotional out between PK. In my eyes, this girl (in fact, that woman better) is too strong. Super Girl Li is simply the "American." And than the "American" more powerful. The United States to fight other countries, yet it insufferably arrogant, aggressive, but she did it very leisurely, "kill without spilling blood." With her powerful than the other women seem to be super, "Third World country." She did not win, who can win it?

However, the idea flashed only in the minds of three seconds. I conclude: Tan Weiwei is not likely to win. Just not to say that she is super Girls "American" it? Unfortunately, "as also Xiao He, Xiao He also defeated." Professional singer because of her background, which makes her vocals female significantly higher than other super-chip 2 of a chip. However, and as the United States, the world's people now know that it is the number one capitalist power, when the other girl is learning to sing over the time, Tan Weiwei sing in the Vienna Musikverein. Her great strength, of course impress. However, her "American image" and Shang Wenjie, Jade Liu's "Third World national image," there is very little "adults and children fight" flavor. United States, the years in order to highlight their superpower image, if the health of non-everywhere, bombing Yugoslavia, bombing Afghanistan, bombing Iraq, ... ... also be prepared to fight Iran and North Korea. Although the self-proclaimed world peace, but how people think it is also in decline, in the bullying. Tan Weiwei not continue to pursue the Golden Hall in Vienna to sing, want to turn around the stage, said drilling after the Super Girls, which clearly indicated that no "adult bullying a child?" If Tan won, justice lie? People can agree it? Organizers of the show no longer Ze It is also clear "hearts of the people who have the world" this truth. For future ratings, to colorful notes, so Tan Weiwei can avoid too dramatic, let her stop at the outside of the Champions.

Also, "youth failed to keep, time is getting" the situation has hampered Tan Weiwei to win. And Shang Wenjie, Jade Liu awesome girls than hard-edged, she is said to be fast "Pentium III" of the people. This reminds me of the "Legend of the Condor Heroes" in the Western drug Guo Jing Ouyang Feng and foolish youth, both on the strength of this is not a grade, but, Ouyang Feng and then powerful, but also the first step in growing old, when Guo Jing, Guo Jing is available Young yet, and he grew day by day, together with wife Huang Rong Qiao careful packing, all the way to make money for the chance to do more.

Jade Liu to win it? This is really no need to answer. Jade Liu looks handsome, brow and eyes Chu, face very much to the tradition of "virtue" standard. Good song to sing (nonsense, of course, access to three strong bad). Popular with the sentence, then called the "root seedlings are red." But to know that women like to hear over the singer, though not a few women can be more bluntly, where the right to vote in a man. Even women who like to vote for the candidates, most have a man (boyfriend, husband or father) support to the men to pocket. Therefore, the overall situation is that men like who, who basically. A man born of virtue is particular about color, smell, and taste, in addition to the enjoyment of hearing, but also have visual impact, there must be an illusion (Imagination) temptation. However, the men listen to Jade Liu singing, in addition to songs, or songs, psychological, physiological rarely react. This allows full brain swindlers how distorted thinking, Flower intestinal gut man down Tate's husband could hear. How make a "small handsome guy" do champions? The last Super Girl, listen to a lot of women to tinker with the Tate's husband, to vote for "tomboy" Li Yuchun, so She won the championship. Later we found that is a big mistake, it still regret not cope. There is a "tomboy" is enough, more of a "small handsome guy", it must make people vomit. So, to make money down the man's moral thinking, Jade Liu despite sang well, people look pleasing to the eye, but virtually no hope of winning. Because she was too moderate, balanced, giving the impression that a "small handsome guy" and not a woman.

Three girls, women, and only a Shang Wenjie, the winner of course was her up. This is not "choose the best general election." As long as blind people, would think that most champion Shang Wenjie phase.

First of all, compared with Tan Weiwei, Shang Wenjie more commercial potential. Perhaps a special experience is constantly frustrated, and selected the cut and tap adventure game, the girls had not ever shown conspicuous unparalleled potential. To be honest, most from the competition started, I is not optimistic about her, just think this girl is really too cold, too light, and even bad. However, seeing her enter the top 20 from 50 from 20 strong into the 10-strong entry from the 10-strong 3 strong performance of her more exciting, more atmosphere. With cold in her pride, prowess, so I have no hesitation to conclude that certain non-current champion is none other than her. Her voice is so penetrating, Once heard, the next time no matter what the local ring, can name people know it yet. This, even if strong, such as "America" Tan Weiwei, is also trying to learn also can not learn. Therefore, the driving force behind the super-woman from a business perspective, packaging yet, cost-effective than the packaging Tan, and more promising. Moreover, Tan Weiwei younger than her, has a strong plasticity.

Second, the Shang Wenjie flowing body of "intellectual women" temperament. By the way, Fudan University, Shang Wenjie French-speaking educational background, add color to her a lot. This is obviously different from a lot of her girls will sing. More importantly, she is not this arrogant, does not fall kitsch, do not cater to a bunch of smelly men. Division of the stop from Hangzhou to Chengdu Top 50 Top 20 Division of the stop, and then to Guangzhou Division of the second, to the nominated game off the Northeast PK PK PK Wang a real king of the cut until the top three. The girl remains unchanged, but the performance more exciting, more atmosphere. This makes a lot of very cheap in the foul nature of man produce such psychological: not more, and more wanted; not buying more of their own, more like their own. Moreover, still is the origin elite, selected her to champion very much in line with our education and emphasizing the positive image. To super-woman show run long, run the fire, if you do not listen to public opinion Shing Chuen Shang Wenjie this girl is really fucking sucker - because it can encourage young people to participate in how to draft civilians in the Super Girl years, earn the number of shining white silver ah.

To sum up, if not the devil controls the minds of the organizers, Shang Wenjie definitely super woman champion in 2006. This is the capital and the inevitable result of the grassroots game. The fundamental goal of this game is to a "money" words. In other words, who can to sponsor (or Behind the scenes) to bring the greatest economic benefits, will be able to win the championship. This is the irrefutable truth of all reality shows. Understand this truth, the other Super Girls for Shang Wenjie's win, not will be difficult to service center, gas it hard. I and other spectators, but also not excited about this predicament, an idol to a tearful rain.

After Guorusuoliao, my little nephew said to me: Shang Wenjie win the.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Golden Abacus settled in Wuhan air "Gold Dealer"

Electrical industry in China has entered the era of meager profit businesses to control costs as the primary management objective, while efficient and scientific management is the basic prerequisite to win the market. Recently, Hubei Golden pavilion Electric Co., Ltd. signed a contract payment calculations software for corporate use of information technology to improve the management level to provide a powerful tool.

Hubei Golden pavilion Electric Co., Ltd. is a household air conditioning and commercial air conditioning "sales, installation, maintenance, relocation, maintenance," as one of the air conditioning franchise company, since 1996, each appliance repair industry in Hubei Province have been classified as five-star office level maintenance units; in 1999 in Wuhan City was also named one of the "100 cities and shops with fake" model shop; Since 1999, air-conditioning sales for many years the United States retaining its position as the first in Hubei province, also in the forefront in recent years; grid power air conditioning, Haier air conditioning sales in recent years has also been a rapid development, sales have continued for many years to maintain the market leaders in Wuhan; company for many years been rated as the relevant units and enterprises, "gold dealers", "excellent after-sale units "etc. title of honor.

In the selection process, the company very carefully, try a number of software suppliers. Eventually, the gold abacus software, with its excellent quality, high-quality technical service, reasonable prices moved the corporate ladder. The most important thing is gold calculations in TCL and a number of successful application of electric company brought them enough confidence.

I believe Hubei Golden pavilion Electric Abacus Software has strong support payments, will be able to bring to the deep cold of winter warmth.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Song Ying Bridge: Three historic opportunity to support individuals experiencing webmaster

May 17, webmaster was held in Beijing, this year's theme is "will grow to in the end." As the representatives of the manufacturers IDC, China Wan, vice president of network products Song Ying Song Ying bridge bridge analysis of the current macroeconomic situation of the individual owners of the favorable factors and that these factors can be grouped into three, the three individual owners is that the current drive on another opportunity.

Song Ying bridge of the three is as follows:

The first is from the perspective of the Internet industry itself, though affected by the financial crisis 鏁翠綋 unfavorable external economic environment, especially in traditional Jingji suffered greater impact modified their marketing spending strategy and 鍓婂噺 high cost of traditional marketing methods, but Instead, many companies have chosen to increase investment in network marketing, network marketing is the value to the high ROI, traceability of the natural advantages of the Internet industry will be a promotion, which will undoubtedly increase the individual owners profitable opportunities. An early start, fast action should make full use of the individual webmaster internet marketing investment and high return can be traced back, precise characteristics of marketing channels for these enterprises to obtain benefits.

The second point is supported from the government in terms of regulation and, IDC industry is to standardize the way high-speed road. Mr. Song Yingqiao revealed that at present the only country with more than 900 IDC service providers approved by the competent national authorities virtual host operating service qualification, relevant government departments in the past year or so there is no longer approved a new IDC qualification, which also aims to observational study, to further improve and standardize the introduction of the IDC industry policy. Government-led industry standard management will squeeze out non-standard IDC service providers living space, good operators will survive better, as the Webmaster Web site to provide better products and services to help website owners develop their career.

The third point is from the perspective of users, China has nearly 300 million Internet users with the scale, this is a growing users group, and the State Government continue to promote agricultural appliances to the countryside, and many other benefits of measures to enhance rural information to develop, expand rural market, these measures are effective to promote the accelerated development of rural markets, but also many opportunities placed in front of the individual owners, such as farmers in business when the brothers, township enterprises in the hope that the open market through the Internet time, network marketing is a good choice. Expand this area for rural market service and personal opportunities webmaster faces.


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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Regal DDR400 memory trial report

As the Year of the Monkey after Golden Week, PC hardware market, began a new year and loves the race, keep the memory is from the red when they play a game beginning.

Memory, the Big Three as one of PC products, but seem to always update their technology to follow the development of CPU technology development. However, when the introduction of Shique DDR400 support issues facing the platform. Although early VIA released the KT400 early last year, platform, coupled with NVIDIA's nForce2, but early on these two chipsets support DDR400 is not very good, performance is also very limited. So more people choose to DDR333, are reluctant to buy much higher price, but is not optimistic about the DDR400. At that time the industry has generally agreed that the transition DDR400 DDRII products only, not to be optimistic about the prospects.

But in any field anything can change everything, and forest areas of the memory is not favored by the industry DDR400 suddenly ushered in the dawn of his day, all with the Intel code-named "Springdale" the 865/875 chipset release of vanished. Intel865/875 built in Intel platform, CPU front side bus upgrade to 800MHz, a bandwidth of 6.4GB / s. With the front-side bus to match the high bandwidth, Intel the first time in memory architecture uses dual-channel memory design, with dual channel DDR400 for Intel865/875 just energy and 800MHzFSB the new P4 processors to match. Because of Intel's support, JEDEC DDR400 quickly passed a certification, making DDR400 finally established its position, followed by a number of DDR400 products onto the market.

However, as I said before, due to the lack of DDR400 introduced uniform standards and norms, has led to a mixed case of memory products. Therefore, when choosing DDR400 products, an excellent brand has become critical. DDR400 eyes, they spontaneously put into the head of brand memory.

Buy brand memory - a wise choice.

Bulk memory, or as amended and brand compatible memory long struggle, but with the memory frequency, gradually, to the manufacturing process have become increasingly demanding, more and more memory brand recognized by consumers. Manufacturing process from the memory, the brand memory generally use 6 layers PCB board, with full power layer and wiring layer; and more common memory 4 layer PCB board, often among the various levels to do some integration, such stability there are obvious differences.

Secondly, the two particles have different memory used. Brand memory is generally used Hyundai, Samsung and other memory manufacturers A-particle production, quality is guaranteed. The bulk memory will take into account the cost factors, generally use lower levels of particles, and more polished way through counterfeit manufacturers products, whether in compatibility, or stability, not Nenggen brand memory comparison.

In addition, the bulk memory and brand memory in the memory speed is also very different. CAS - Column Address Strobe delay time is a measure of the speed of memory is an important basis for that column address strobe pulse time delay. Popular talk is an instruction memory processing takes time (measured in units of clock cycles). For example there are two CAS = 2.5 the bulk memory and brand memory, memory in bulk are often run less than CAS = 2.5, or in the long run in an error, leading to crashes. The brand memory will not be such a problem. And the current design of the platform they use a dual-channel mode, memory manufacturers have launched many brands specifically for dual-channel design of memory products, can avoid a lot of compatibility issues, but compliant memory is very difficult to do this.

In addition, the present generally in the SPD chip memory to store information, so that you can re-boot self-test when the board read, and memory settings for the optimum way of working. But the most common memory card compatibility as much as possible in order to sacrifice a little out of trouble this step, or in the SPD chip enter incorrect information, and most brands are not overlooked SPD memory settings.

We recommend this famous brand FUHAO DDR400 memory to many rich people do not know how consumers choose a path specified, you need to buy some useful information.

In the fiery beginning of 2004, DDR400 memory become the darling, not only because of its advanced technology, and once the price rose, leaving consumers to determine its value, even if slightly higher prices, consumers also can not stop the passion it generates. However, the memory is not rich hot to the market demand for follow-up gains, in both stable prices and with excellent quality to conquer and to attract the attention of consumers. Let us look at all aspects of its performance in the end how.

Compatibility between the various computer accessories has been a more difficult problem, but the memory test problems with one of the most accessories. Because different memory chips used in different particle size, PCB board design with industrial strengths and weaknesses, there is a certain degree of compatibility issues. Mainly between the memory and motherboard, memory and mixed memory can not be shown when inserting stable or simply not work. Under normal circumstances the memory in the factory are done a certain compatibility testing, but because many motherboards, memory, number of brands, to achieve 100 percent inspection is impractical. We present here the compatibility test, some mainstream chipset motherboard and memory to do some simple tests wealthy, the main test platform includes Intel875, Intel865, NVIDIA nForce2, VIA PT800 and the SIS 755TX. Through the compatibility of the most basic requirement: accurately identify memory capacity, and stability.

The default frequency for all kinds of DDR memory, are a very strict standards and precise working attitude, work in the same state, no matter what package with memory, what memory particles, as long as the operating frequency, memory control parameters the same, in theory at Performance should be within the error range is the same. But this is just a theoretical thing, in fact, often found in different memory chips, or even the same chip products from different vendors without the performance of small differences, but the memory finally for the user, so the user habits must be taken into account. And the theory of what is often the discrepancy, which is integrated by the sections of the memory of many factors. For the average user, in the purchase of memory should be more focus on compatibility, stability, and the actual performance. For hardware enthusiasts, overclocking memory capacity is also a factor to be considered. For this reason, the test in terms of platform, or test software, both from the general user requirements, and to make test results more meaningful to users.

Overclocking the memory test is the focus of testing, with the advent of 800MHzFSBP4, memory bandwidth is more important for the system, so we hope to improve the performance of the memory of working hours to improve the system conditions. The so-called memory overclocking, refers to state memory to exceed the standard of work. Memory performance is the result of the decision time, frequency, and memory in the BIOS memory speed option. Here, for the overclocking users Regal DDR400 two methods and means: a reduction in memory latency parameters in the BIOS. Most of the Intel865 motherboard's BIOS is optimized to provide the memory noisy sound. For example, as a test platform on MSI 865PE Neo2 BIOS provides the Slow, Fast (3-3-3-6), Turbo (2.5-2-2-5) and Ultra Turbo, etc. Some memory optimization model. Test, generally a level to rise.

Overclocking is usually another way to increase the sense of the memory operating frequency, can increase the CPU's FSB or CPU FSB asynchronous work to achieve. In overclocking mode, the memory parameter becomes rich or 3-4-4-8 2.5-4-4-8. Test, test is usually one step up, and constantly increase the memory bus frequency.

The Regal FH256MDDR400 our memory products for the description, it uses its own brand of memory rich particles, TSOP packaging, speed of 5ns, single-sided 8 6 layers design, good work.

From our understanding of the situation Regal DDR400, FH256M outstanding performance, overclocking performance, the 2.65V voltage, can be super to 460MHz. Overall, Volvo FH256M DDR400 is a request to be cost-effective products. 285 yuan in the market price closer to the average consumer, but also to the counter to buy a separate room so that there are some consumers get more benefits, not only DIYer enjoy DIY fun, but the machine is full of energy, powerful.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Detailed analysis: with your easy to understand the concept of InnoDB

MySQL InnoDB to provide a submission, rollback and crash recovery capabilities of transaction-safe (ACID compliant) storage engine. InnoDB row-level locking and also to provide a SELECT statement, Oracle style consistent non-locking read. These features increase multi-user deployment and performance. Do not lock in InnoDB needs to expand, because the Bank level locking for InnoDB very small space. InnoDB also supports FOREIGN KEY mandatory. In the SQL query, you are free to the InnoDB table type of MySQL table with other types of mixed up, even in the same query can also be mixed.

InnoDB is a huge amount of data to handle the maximum performance when the design. Its CPU efficiency is probably any other disk-based relational database engine can not match.

InnoDB storage engine is fully integrated with the MySQL server, InnoDB storage engine in the main memory cache of data and index to maintain its own buffer pool. InnoDB stores its tables & indexes in a table space, table space can contain several files (or raw disk partition). This is different with MyISAM tables, such as MyISAM table exists for each table is separated file. InnoDB tables can be any size, even if the file size is limited to 2GB of operating systems.

InnoDB is included by default in the MySQL binary distribution. Windows Essentials installer makes InnoDB as the default Windows on the MySQL table.

InnoDB is used in many high performance required to generate a large database of sites. Famous Internet news site runs on InnoDB. Mytrix, Inc. InnoDB is stored in more than 1TB of data, and some other sites in the InnoDB deal with an average of 800 per second, insert / update load.

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