Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Home" and the new audio-visual! Want to sing sing with ABPlayer

In my world there is no day and night, the network Hupenghuanyou and enjoy the wanton youth. Quiet time, a person to see the video, learning does not all charge is absurd degree days; want leisure time, K is the favorite song, and my own family can sing karaoke ok you want to find a video, before only with VCD, but it has too much behind the times. As a real worm, say can not find a good tool, is it degrading reputation ah, huh, huh. In fact, dare so insolent, precisely because I have been using a ABPlayer HD player, watch high definition movies, download HD MTV, learning networks of knowledge, all step buttoned. Really want to see, hear hears, would like to sing sing, want to play on the play. Light winds not, the main characters have asked us - ABPlayer HD Player to show your talent!
Software facts:

Software Version: 2.6.0

License: Free

Supported platforms: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista

File size: 18 MB

銆怐ownload銆?ABPlayer (high-definition video player) the official version 2.6.0

1, ABPlayer powerful HD features

Open ABPlayer player, you can see a fresh black interface, reveals a noble atmosphere. Players below the main screen there are some humane play function keys. ABPlayer player not only looks cool, but Xiuwaihuizhong. Just look at the left interface, powerful features that you can understand ABPlayer both have talent. There are "MTV Channel", you can download and watch high-definition MTV, and the power switch with ABPlayer tracks, subtitles configuration, angle of rotation, surround sound capabilities, music enthusiasts can achieve the dream of home free K song.

Figure 1 ABPlayer HD player interface

If you liked to watch high definition movies, "HD video" This channel will certainly make you "cool" does not stop talking. Do not have to watch it on the Internet so small as dried tofu video, and it ABPlayer with the download function, can have your favorite into a large. Double-click the left mouse button you can achieve full-screen viewing. The mouse into the play area to the top of the screen you can see a hidden toolbar, through which you can adjust the screen size. Having said this there are some friends like to lie to see, ABPlayer in video rotation, a better vision to meet your needs.

Figure 2 ABPlayer the MTV channel

Figure 3 Screen Toolbar

Home at home you may want to use idle while your computer software knowledge to "charge a call." "Computer Training" in this column contains the computer entry, office financial, graphic layout, website design, video non-linear, programming languages, 3D animation, decorative graphics, Maya area, network engineering, exam, the software industry more than ten zones, step by step from beginner to advanced master it.

Figure 4 ABPlayer in the computer training ABPlayer is not only a high-definition video player, allows for self-entertainment K song, at "Hot Music" in the rich musical resources also includes the popular music album, movie soundtrack, pure music, European music, classical music, classical music, and all songs are used in the APE and FLAC lossless compression format, high-fidelity music, let us in this musical journey into the open.

Figure 5 ABPlayer the "fever music"

As a "home" and not the house can Bianzhi world affairs, and why? Oh, because he passed ABPlayer player "Travel Video" has been enjoying the beautiful sceneries, "attractions", "overseas beauty" and "beautiful scenery" has long been sailing around the world, cultural attractions, charming scenery, is not adequate the households across the border, spoiled for choice.

Figure 6 ABPlayer the tourism video

Second, local media search, ABPlayer more thoughtful

If you just want to play local video programming, or find your hard drive to save the massive music, with ABPlayer will happen? Click ABPlayer left, "local media" and see what was found?

Figure 7 ABPlayer local search function

ABPlayer the top points all, music, movies, right there close search, filter set two function keys. Click to search after, ABPlayer for local media files on the overall auto-search, one will not let go, while you carry out a comprehensive and classified, is not very considerate? If your files to make your search too slow, you can filter set, in which you can see many types of media is checked by default file format, you do not cancel, select some of your favorite format Click OK on the line the.

Figure 8 ABPlayer filter settings

It's that simple, you are completely unexpected, ABPlayer addition to playing high-definition video, in many details are done in every possible way. Today, we are comparing similar products, always think too much duplication, lack of creativity. ABPlayer give you not only creative but also more rewarding and pleasant surprise! Third, to play with good ABPlayer handy

ABPlayer HD player in addition to distinctive channel, let's refreshing. If you have some simple setting skills, be sure to make your play even more exciting.

Figure 9 ABPlayer the window, play function keys

"Menu" button in addition to click on the above there is another way outside, the mouse placed in the broadcast domain, click the right mouse button. You can play through it to achieve the detailed file settings, such as loading film subtitles, set the audio and video file playback control. Through the above description and the following menu buttons, familiar with these features I think you will be able to ABPlayer player control in their hands instead.

Figure 10 ABPlayer the right menu

In the pop-up menu, select "Configuration", where you can store a screenshot of the video position documentation to support the type subtitle font settings, etc., as well as the current state of play of the window set.

Figure 11 ABPlayer the advanced options

ABPlayer also provides an abundance of shortcut keys, whether control and display size, fast forward, rewind, or volume, can be a simple one-step shortcuts, even a novice user can easily operate.

Figure 12 ABPlayer Shortcut Keys

I most enjoy is when playing video, use the left and right arrow keys to fast-forward or back, you will not feel a little bit of delay, even a row, the same is very agile and will not have any card feeling.

Trial Summary: an array of players now say quite a lot, easily a few dozen models can be found, but as a mainstream player, ABPlayer functional characteristics, play effect, are outstanding. Only a dozen megabytes of file size, can do so many features the system in use is also very little resource usage, and in the mainstream players, ABPlayer the performance of the indicators is also very good.


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