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Super woman thoroughly exposed the tail

2006 Super Girl final results were announced, and I wrote a small article text to the End of the World community to vote "off days, teahouses," to initiate discussions and reach a Super Girl phenomenon. The original title of the article as "Super Girl Shang Wenjie title: commercial capital under the 'egg'", was considered a bit garish, fear shot editorial review, it turned into a "Super Girl Shang Wenjie win: We should be convinced." As expected, the article published soon out.

October 8, that is, the text in the "off days, teahouses," was published on the 8th day, when I go to view the message as usual, he found it was deleted! This really surprised me, was funny at the same time .

In all fairness, the Democratic political culture has not committed any wrong, nor how many absurd arguments, purely commercial point of standing, the nature of the public TV shows. And you begin at the beginning, I repeatedly remind myself not extreme, although the structure of the article is not very strict, language is also very rough (due to a serious, slightly joking), but overall, contrary to the public argument heart, without malice and prejudice. Did not think that it was published just days after the parties have been relentless on the "murder."

I The feeling that, with years of professional work in the media, sensitive to speculate that the reason why I have a small text to be "off days, teahouses," published a few days later to be deleted, not because of what it said violated party discipline, but because I am outspoken draft points to the nature of the Super Girls, pierce some people use the secret super-rich woman. As the number of people guilty conscience, fear of telling the truth about the secret to the "off days, teahouses," the editorial pressure, which leads to the article to be deleted. I guess if not false, then, that thinks a wise approach is more undisguised, self-defeating, so completely to reveal his tail out.

Chinese have a saying: "anti-people's mouth, even in the anti-chuan." Capital bigwigs mercenary in an attempt to block the people's remarks may do that? Do not say that today's society is the freedom of speech, even in the darkness of the Cultural Revolution era, who can be hiding all over the world people, not to speak the whole world? so-called "fair mind," "Castle Peak not cover the river from flowing eastward." "Super Girl" claim to "want to sing sing", insist on fair play, but to me such a small text are not spared criticism, is really a guilty conscience, honesty ridiculous too.

To be honest, I had to write that article, is not to oppose the super-woman, woman against the ultra-commercial, but to talk through the analysis of the phenomenon of nature, so that everyone on the Super Girl phenomenon remain rational attitude. My attitude has not changed, "Super Girls" as a popular entertainment programs, can not blame it does not take any commercial purpose, we should even encourage it to pursue normal business profits, to make it on better and better, to promote economic, social development. However, as with cigarettes brings the enjoyment and excitement, but also endanger human health, we packed in the hold over women, it can not deceive the public for money, will show the truth hidden to the bottom. We should let people know the nature of its business, including the negative impact. Like manufacturing cigarettes as the cigarette companies to print the "smoking is harmful to health" the word, to remind all consumers.

On second thought, entertainment block criticism of speech, you need it? What necessary? As has been said "anti-people's mouth, even in the anti-chuan." And the effect on the spread in terms of normal criticism is true that a bad thing. Because there is criticism implied of concern, means will be able to attract more eyeballs. I thing I read a small article may be out of some people's appetite, but it represents a kind of voices and opinions, are we not in the super-women who do free publicity? Difficult to understand that some people so narrow minded, for now bound to lose sense of social responsibility so bad, really deceiving, blindness, stupid.

Drafting this point, do not want to talk about superfluous. Only want to say is that the "Super Girls" has gone out of existence next year, while women have ups and downs over the leading promoter of capital are aimed at making money in the eyes, but also take on correct guidance of public entertainment with social responsibility. Do not make money for themselves, find ways to lure young girls boys were rushed to a road drive.

PS: the original in the End of the World Community "off days, teahouses," published an article -

Super Girl Shang Wenjie title: commercial capital under the "egg"

Last night together with the small nephew to see the finals of Super Girl 2006, see the "Little CoCo" Yi Mengmeng be "small handsome guy" Jade Liu PK away, super women and three strong candidates for the official birth of a heart involuntary been raised up. I guess because it's exactly the same earlier. Own ideas into reality, life years, several such as the promise? How can not happy, excited then?

However, I am not very good heart, your doctor can not be excited about everything, otherwise there is danger of his life. To Quan-Lu Gou his life in the Golden Age, see more colorful world a few years, I forced myself to give up watching it live, instead told little nephew: a good boy you See, finished the results tell me.

While not watching it live, but is constantly calculating mind, Tan Weiwei, Shang Wenjie, Jade Liu these three lovely girls, Who should win it? Tan Weiwei, it should be Tan Weiwei. Where to plug in a, I used the word cute to describe the three girls, may be a bit substandard. Due to the man's eyes, Jade Liu, the little handsome guy, said she is still pretty decent down. As for Tam, yet two, Tan Weiwei - Apply Song Dandan's words, "It is very beautiful, very sexy." How she can use "cute" to describe it? With "demon Rao," the word is also similar. Shang Wenjie, gives the impression that persistent silence, it is a little taste of self-improvement, with "very calm" word more appropriate ah.

Tan Weiwei singing quite well, and can sing almost any song. Singing of "clinical experience" is also very rich, very agreeable audience (especially the male audience) is like. Ayutthaya is also deep, the total rivals in the unemotional out between PK. In my eyes, this girl (in fact, that woman better) is too strong. Super Girl Li is simply the "American." And than the "American" more powerful. The United States to fight other countries, yet it insufferably arrogant, aggressive, but she did it very leisurely, "kill without spilling blood." With her powerful than the other women seem to be super, "Third World country." She did not win, who can win it?

However, the idea flashed only in the minds of three seconds. I conclude: Tan Weiwei is not likely to win. Just not to say that she is super Girls "American" it? Unfortunately, "as also Xiao He, Xiao He also defeated." Professional singer because of her background, which makes her vocals female significantly higher than other super-chip 2 of a chip. However, and as the United States, the world's people now know that it is the number one capitalist power, when the other girl is learning to sing over the time, Tan Weiwei sing in the Vienna Musikverein. Her great strength, of course impress. However, her "American image" and Shang Wenjie, Jade Liu's "Third World national image," there is very little "adults and children fight" flavor. United States, the years in order to highlight their superpower image, if the health of non-everywhere, bombing Yugoslavia, bombing Afghanistan, bombing Iraq, ... ... also be prepared to fight Iran and North Korea. Although the self-proclaimed world peace, but how people think it is also in decline, in the bullying. Tan Weiwei not continue to pursue the Golden Hall in Vienna to sing, want to turn around the stage, said drilling after the Super Girls, which clearly indicated that no "adult bullying a child?" If Tan won, justice lie? People can agree it? Organizers of the show no longer Ze It is also clear "hearts of the people who have the world" this truth. For future ratings, to colorful notes, so Tan Weiwei can avoid too dramatic, let her stop at the outside of the Champions.

Also, "youth failed to keep, time is getting" the situation has hampered Tan Weiwei to win. And Shang Wenjie, Jade Liu awesome girls than hard-edged, she is said to be fast "Pentium III" of the people. This reminds me of the "Legend of the Condor Heroes" in the Western drug Guo Jing Ouyang Feng and foolish youth, both on the strength of this is not a grade, but, Ouyang Feng and then powerful, but also the first step in growing old, when Guo Jing, Guo Jing is available Young yet, and he grew day by day, together with wife Huang Rong Qiao careful packing, all the way to make money for the chance to do more.

Jade Liu to win it? This is really no need to answer. Jade Liu looks handsome, brow and eyes Chu, face very much to the tradition of "virtue" standard. Good song to sing (nonsense, of course, access to three strong bad). Popular with the sentence, then called the "root seedlings are red." But to know that women like to hear over the singer, though not a few women can be more bluntly, where the right to vote in a man. Even women who like to vote for the candidates, most have a man (boyfriend, husband or father) support to the men to pocket. Therefore, the overall situation is that men like who, who basically. A man born of virtue is particular about color, smell, and taste, in addition to the enjoyment of hearing, but also have visual impact, there must be an illusion (Imagination) temptation. However, the men listen to Jade Liu singing, in addition to songs, or songs, psychological, physiological rarely react. This allows full brain swindlers how distorted thinking, Flower intestinal gut man down Tate's husband could hear. How make a "small handsome guy" do champions? The last Super Girl, listen to a lot of women to tinker with the Tate's husband, to vote for "tomboy" Li Yuchun, so She won the championship. Later we found that is a big mistake, it still regret not cope. There is a "tomboy" is enough, more of a "small handsome guy", it must make people vomit. So, to make money down the man's moral thinking, Jade Liu despite sang well, people look pleasing to the eye, but virtually no hope of winning. Because she was too moderate, balanced, giving the impression that a "small handsome guy" and not a woman.

Three girls, women, and only a Shang Wenjie, the winner of course was her up. This is not "choose the best general election." As long as blind people, would think that most champion Shang Wenjie phase.

First of all, compared with Tan Weiwei, Shang Wenjie more commercial potential. Perhaps a special experience is constantly frustrated, and selected the cut and tap adventure game, the girls had not ever shown conspicuous unparalleled potential. To be honest, most from the competition started, I is not optimistic about her, just think this girl is really too cold, too light, and even bad. However, seeing her enter the top 20 from 50 from 20 strong into the 10-strong entry from the 10-strong 3 strong performance of her more exciting, more atmosphere. With cold in her pride, prowess, so I have no hesitation to conclude that certain non-current champion is none other than her. Her voice is so penetrating, Once heard, the next time no matter what the local ring, can name people know it yet. This, even if strong, such as "America" Tan Weiwei, is also trying to learn also can not learn. Therefore, the driving force behind the super-woman from a business perspective, packaging yet, cost-effective than the packaging Tan, and more promising. Moreover, Tan Weiwei younger than her, has a strong plasticity.

Second, the Shang Wenjie flowing body of "intellectual women" temperament. By the way, Fudan University, Shang Wenjie French-speaking educational background, add color to her a lot. This is obviously different from a lot of her girls will sing. More importantly, she is not this arrogant, does not fall kitsch, do not cater to a bunch of smelly men. Division of the stop from Hangzhou to Chengdu Top 50 Top 20 Division of the stop, and then to Guangzhou Division of the second, to the nominated game off the Northeast PK PK PK Wang a real king of the cut until the top three. The girl remains unchanged, but the performance more exciting, more atmosphere. This makes a lot of very cheap in the foul nature of man produce such psychological: not more, and more wanted; not buying more of their own, more like their own. Moreover, still is the origin elite, selected her to champion very much in line with our education and emphasizing the positive image. To super-woman show run long, run the fire, if you do not listen to public opinion Shing Chuen Shang Wenjie this girl is really fucking sucker - because it can encourage young people to participate in how to draft civilians in the Super Girl years, earn the number of shining white silver ah.

To sum up, if not the devil controls the minds of the organizers, Shang Wenjie definitely super woman champion in 2006. This is the capital and the inevitable result of the grassroots game. The fundamental goal of this game is to a "money" words. In other words, who can to sponsor (or Behind the scenes) to bring the greatest economic benefits, will be able to win the championship. This is the irrefutable truth of all reality shows. Understand this truth, the other Super Girls for Shang Wenjie's win, not will be difficult to service center, gas it hard. I and other spectators, but also not excited about this predicament, an idol to a tearful rain.

After Guorusuoliao, my little nephew said to me: Shang Wenjie win the.

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