Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Golden Abacus settled in Wuhan air "Gold Dealer"

Electrical industry in China has entered the era of meager profit businesses to control costs as the primary management objective, while efficient and scientific management is the basic prerequisite to win the market. Recently, Hubei Golden pavilion Electric Co., Ltd. signed a contract payment calculations software for corporate use of information technology to improve the management level to provide a powerful tool.

Hubei Golden pavilion Electric Co., Ltd. is a household air conditioning and commercial air conditioning "sales, installation, maintenance, relocation, maintenance," as one of the air conditioning franchise company, since 1996, each appliance repair industry in Hubei Province have been classified as five-star office level maintenance units; in 1999 in Wuhan City was also named one of the "100 cities and shops with fake" model shop; Since 1999, air-conditioning sales for many years the United States retaining its position as the first in Hubei province, also in the forefront in recent years; grid power air conditioning, Haier air conditioning sales in recent years has also been a rapid development, sales have continued for many years to maintain the market leaders in Wuhan; company for many years been rated as the relevant units and enterprises, "gold dealers", "excellent after-sale units "etc. title of honor.

In the selection process, the company very carefully, try a number of software suppliers. Eventually, the gold abacus software, with its excellent quality, high-quality technical service, reasonable prices moved the corporate ladder. The most important thing is gold calculations in TCL and a number of successful application of electric company brought them enough confidence.

I believe Hubei Golden pavilion Electric Abacus Software has strong support payments, will be able to bring to the deep cold of winter warmth.

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