Saturday, September 25, 2010

Song Ying Bridge: Three historic opportunity to support individuals experiencing webmaster

May 17, webmaster was held in Beijing, this year's theme is "will grow to in the end." As the representatives of the manufacturers IDC, China Wan, vice president of network products Song Ying Song Ying bridge bridge analysis of the current macroeconomic situation of the individual owners of the favorable factors and that these factors can be grouped into three, the three individual owners is that the current drive on another opportunity.

Song Ying bridge of the three is as follows:

The first is from the perspective of the Internet industry itself, though affected by the financial crisis 鏁翠綋 unfavorable external economic environment, especially in traditional Jingji suffered greater impact modified their marketing spending strategy and 鍓婂噺 high cost of traditional marketing methods, but Instead, many companies have chosen to increase investment in network marketing, network marketing is the value to the high ROI, traceability of the natural advantages of the Internet industry will be a promotion, which will undoubtedly increase the individual owners profitable opportunities. An early start, fast action should make full use of the individual webmaster internet marketing investment and high return can be traced back, precise characteristics of marketing channels for these enterprises to obtain benefits.

The second point is supported from the government in terms of regulation and, IDC industry is to standardize the way high-speed road. Mr. Song Yingqiao revealed that at present the only country with more than 900 IDC service providers approved by the competent national authorities virtual host operating service qualification, relevant government departments in the past year or so there is no longer approved a new IDC qualification, which also aims to observational study, to further improve and standardize the introduction of the IDC industry policy. Government-led industry standard management will squeeze out non-standard IDC service providers living space, good operators will survive better, as the Webmaster Web site to provide better products and services to help website owners develop their career.

The third point is from the perspective of users, China has nearly 300 million Internet users with the scale, this is a growing users group, and the State Government continue to promote agricultural appliances to the countryside, and many other benefits of measures to enhance rural information to develop, expand rural market, these measures are effective to promote the accelerated development of rural markets, but also many opportunities placed in front of the individual owners, such as farmers in business when the brothers, township enterprises in the hope that the open market through the Internet time, network marketing is a good choice. Expand this area for rural market service and personal opportunities webmaster faces.


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