Thursday, August 5, 2010

Detailed analysis: with your easy to understand the concept of InnoDB

MySQL InnoDB to provide a submission, rollback and crash recovery capabilities of transaction-safe (ACID compliant) storage engine. InnoDB row-level locking and also to provide a SELECT statement, Oracle style consistent non-locking read. These features increase multi-user deployment and performance. Do not lock in InnoDB needs to expand, because the Bank level locking for InnoDB very small space. InnoDB also supports FOREIGN KEY mandatory. In the SQL query, you are free to the InnoDB table type of MySQL table with other types of mixed up, even in the same query can also be mixed.

InnoDB is a huge amount of data to handle the maximum performance when the design. Its CPU efficiency is probably any other disk-based relational database engine can not match.

InnoDB storage engine is fully integrated with the MySQL server, InnoDB storage engine in the main memory cache of data and index to maintain its own buffer pool. InnoDB stores its tables & indexes in a table space, table space can contain several files (or raw disk partition). This is different with MyISAM tables, such as MyISAM table exists for each table is separated file. InnoDB tables can be any size, even if the file size is limited to 2GB of operating systems.

InnoDB is included by default in the MySQL binary distribution. Windows Essentials installer makes InnoDB as the default Windows on the MySQL table.

InnoDB is used in many high performance required to generate a large database of sites. Famous Internet news site runs on InnoDB. Mytrix, Inc. InnoDB is stored in more than 1TB of data, and some other sites in the InnoDB deal with an average of 800 per second, insert / update load.

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