Monday, July 26, 2010

Current choice: RMVB movie subtitles Dafa

RMVB technology used more and more movies produced, it not only file size small, and the clarity is not bad. But, you know RMVB format movies can also be linked to subtitles? Of course you can use Media Player Classic which can be easily realized. [Download page]

First, open the Media Player Classic support functions subtitles

Start Media Player Classic and click open the "View" menu under "Options" command, open the "Options" Settings dialog box, click the "Playback" under "output" command, the "DirectShow Video" item is set to " VMR9 (no conversion) "key.

"RealMedia video" set to "DirectX 9", the other to keep the default values shown in Figure 1.

Click here to set first

Tip: Select the required system must be installed DirectX 9. [Download page]

Second, load external subtitles

Now in Media Player Classic can open the RMVB file to be linked to subtitles, and then select "File" menu under "load subtitles ..." command from the pop-up dialog box, select a subtitle file, and then click "Open" button subtitles can be hung up. Software support srt, sub subtitle file formats.

If the title is garbled, please re-open the "Options" dialog box, then select "Subtitle" under "Default Style" command, the font choice for "GB2312" option (Figure 2), was not garbled.

To prevent garbled, choose what the font

As can be seen from Figure 3 I play RM video subtitles, This watch is not appreciated abroad, and easy large number.

Look! Linked subtitle Oh my!

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